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EagleForm Plus PFiler Texas Production Reporting Software
    No cost evaluation software - full working version - available. Use EagleForm Plus to file your next month's production report. Call 713.957.2610 or email for more information or to request evaluation software.
Eagle's Form PR has been approved by the RRC and adheres to the standards set by the Commission for OCR recognition.
EagleForm Plus Pfiler is a production reporting software package designed to help you manage your production reporting process in Texas. The software provides you with the option of printing your report to the state form (Form PR), or generating an electronic file output for edi submission.
   Calculates the disposition and production and keeps track of the opening and closing balances.
   Automatically brings closing balances forward to next reporting period.
   Provides a partner/investor feature that allows you to build a database and associate applicable lease information to generate monthly third party reports.
   Accommodates EDI submission to the Commission - automatically generates an approved electronic file.
  ASCII import feature allows you to import from an external spreadsheet or database. Use your existing production accounting system to manage property data and our EagleForm Plus product to manage report generation!
  Easy-to-navigate grid view or form view of lease data. Optional filters allow you to see only the volumes applicable to your operations.
  Provides for an easy selection routine to create corrected reports. Copy original and edit for corrected. New in 2005! Corrected reports can be submitted electronically.
Call or email for more info or to request no cost evaluation software. 713.957.2610
Form PR
   Oil leases and gas wells are reported on the same Form PR. A lease will require an RRC Identifier - an Oil Lease Number or Gas ID, or a drilling permit number or API number if oil or gas ID not assigned.
   All hard copy reports must have a signature on each page and the new form has been reduced to only nine entries per page. MORE PAPER will be generated!
   Changes have been made on how to report surface commingling of oil/condensate.
  These changes significantly impact the format of how to report the production and disposition volumes for leases commingled under multiple permit numbers.
What EagleForm Plus Pfiler Will Do for You!
   Handle all formatting changes automatically on a form approved for Eagle Software by the Railroad Commission.
   Allow you to process and manage corrected reports.
   Provide a database utility that allows you to manage interest owner reports
   Automatically generate an approved EDI file for filers wanting to participate in electronic filing with the Commission.
   Provide you with the ability to enter your oil/condensate production and disposition volumes by commingling permit number (if applicable),and total up to the new "Lease Total Line" on the Form PR.