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EagleForm Regulatory Reporting Software
   Designed to help you manage your regulatory reporting. Select only the forms you need from a comprehensive state and federal forms list. Add additional forms at any time.
   Retrieve historical data easily and use the copy form feature to duplicate a form and eliminate repetitive data entry.
   Designed for easy integration of form revisions and modifications.
   Every installation is customized to your specifications with over 650 state and federal forms to choose from.
EagleForm Plus PFiler Texas Production Reporting Software
   Calculates the disposition and production and keeps track of the opening and closing balances.
   Automatically brings closing balances forward to next reporting period.
   Provides a partner/investor feature that allows you to build a database and associate applicable lease information to generate monthly third party reports.
   Accommodates EDI submission to the Commission - automatically generates the edi file!
Texas Production Reporting Software. Supports PR Form and electronic filing.
Call 713.957.2610 or email for more information.
Supports Tier Two Submit. Generates electronic file automatically. Eagle Software's Tier Two Reporting Software addresses the special needs of the owners or operators of oil and gas exploration facilities.
   ChemForm™   provides a master chemical database based on API generic hazardous chemical categories  conforms to the reporting requirements for 25 states  includes names and addresses of over 1800 Local Emergency Planning Committees.  offers selection lists, printing options, and copy commands that allow you to enter your data and generate your report quickly and efficiently.
Find out more about SARA Title III and ChemForm on Eagle Software's website www.chemform.com