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Manage your regulatory reporting, retrieve historical data easily, avoid repetitive data entry.
EagleForm Plus™
Complete and manage Texas production reporting.Designed for minimum monthly data entry. EDI compatible.
SARA Title III Tier Two reporting software designed to address the special needs of the owners or operators of oil and gas exploration facilities.
Eagle Software has been providing regulatory, production, severance tax and environmental reporting software solutions for oil and gas companies since 1992.
   Our clients include small to large independents, as well as Fortune 500 companies, and our products are designed and priced to serve the single PC user or networked for medium to large user environments.
EagleForm Products
   Agency approved forms and reports.
   Copy feature that eliminates repetitive data entry.
   Import option that supports ASCII file formats.
   Electronic file submission compatability where applicable.
   Windows XP/Vista/W7 32bit compatible
   Compatible with laser and inkjet printer.
   Competitively priced starting at $595
   Customized forms installation. Purchase only the forms you need and easily add additional forms as the need arises. Select from our comprehensive state and federal forms library.
Eagle Software has over 650 state and federal forms in our forms library.
  Our forms are approved by the respective agencies and Eagle's products are designed for easy integration of form revisions or changes in reporting requirements mandated by a state or federal agency.
Call or email to request our no cost evaluation software.
Use our Texas Reporting Production software product FREE to file your next monthly production report!
  We have 30-day no-cost evaluation software available. It's a full working version of the product that you can use to file your next month's production reports.

EagleForm Plus Pfiler
  Automatically creates file for EDI submission.
   Totals lease production and dispostion and generates the PR report in RRC approved format.
   Form PR approved by the Railroad Commission.